3d Animated Symphonic Movement - The Curious Adventures of Spock's Brain in The Quantum Realm

DrHash Posts: 16 Just Starting Out*

Hopefully someone gets a kick out of this. It is movement 2 of symphony 2 (it's a contemporary take on classical forms), which is in fact a gesamtkunstwerk 3d animated symphonic movement. 

The digital actors were created using Makehuman, the animation was created in Blender, compositing was done in Hitfilm Pro and final compositing and colour grading was done in Vegas Pro.

Everything has been done to the highest standard - so 4k, 32 bit floating point processing. Yes, folks even those of us with only a laptop can make effects laden creative pieces - ok it is only 6 mins long...but with a second machine I could do full length feature in a year.  

Oh it's a piss take on Star Trek TOS - hence Spock, but I've mashed it up with Dr.Who...except their Quantum Lords like in Next Gen...it's a bit like Alice in Wonderland...except with Quantum drugs lol.

Enjoy Ben