NAB presentation on Hitfilm integration with Vegas.

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The NAB presentation of Hitfilm integration with Vegas with Tom McLoughlin is already up in Sony's site. At this time is now on the second page and for some reason it doesn't have a thumbnail.
It was nice to see how the plugins worked. Tom was a little nervous and spoke a little fast but it was fantastic and it shows the work FXhome has put on them. Also Vegas 13 didn't crash  8-| looks like they really worked on it too, although I'm pretty sure they didn't use a low spec machine for it.
By the way I want that screen. Correction, I NEED that screen! I'm know my children would agree with me, now I just have to come with a really good excuse for my wife...


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    thx for that some lunchtime viewing later :-)
    you can link to it direct here
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    Finally got around to watching it, pretty cool, I like the fact you can add a light wrap layer as a custom composite track in vegas, that's well thought out,  I think that whole keying / green screen side of things is going to go down well, that's going to open up so many possibilities.  
    The HF project integration also looked a bit snappier with vegas 13 as well, fingers crossed that's the case :-)
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    Good job, Tom! You did appear a little nervous but once you got into it.....there was no stopping you! :) 
  • ivanhurba
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    It would be great to know which kind of system they used. At least we know it wasn't a Mac, unless they run it through boot camp...
    What I love about the plugins is the possibility of installing them in any host. It means a lot to be able to jumpship from one app to another if the company changes, let's say for example their payment system,and not get kidnapped by the investment in plugins. They're on my buying list! 
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    The presentation did go great :) Everyone presenting was nervous on the first day but by the third day they were all much more confident and fluid. It confuses me as to why Sony didn't record the last day when people had settled in, but oh well. 
    Yes, the screen was great :) There was a little trouble at one point with the ability of the computer given to handle Vegas which is why you might see a lag, but overall it went swimmingly and we had a lot of interest :)
    Thanks for posting the link guys!
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    Hey - thanks guys
    I was a little nervous, as I hadn't had a chance to rehearse it at all, and I was unfamiliar with their system. However, I do always talk that fast!
    It wasn't the greatest presentation that I have ever given, and it was annoying that they filmed the first one - by Wednesday I had it all down much better.
    I don't know the exact specs, but  it was a a pretty decent PC with a new NVIDIA card. The bad news was that HitFilm and even Vegas didn't perform very well, I suspect because the drivers weren't optimised for OpenGL apps.
    It was great to get some support from some HitFilmers as well - thanks to Rody and Keegan and his crew for dropping by!