Import .heic photos in Imerge Pro?

No problem with loading JPG/PNG/ with Imerge Pro but the .heic photos produced on iPhone can not be imported into the app. any workaround to fix this?


  • SamuelMorris
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    Imerge Pro doesn't currently support .heic files. Your best workaround at this time is to convert your images to a format that Imerge does support like jpg or png. There seem to be quite a few articles online describing how to do this, but if you are on macOS one way is to open the image in Preview, then go to file->export... which will allow you to choose a different format.

  • Triem23
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    @cesseritbaker is incorrect. Heic is a container format from the MPEG standards group, and is (among other things) the official file extension for h.265 files. MPEG-H pt. 12.

    Heic is supported in Win 10 (build 1803 and later), iOS 11 and later, Android Pie (and later), and is supported by other packages like Affinity Photo, GIMP and KRITA.

    Heic as a container file has no paid patent licensing, so could, perhaps, be supported by Imerge in the future. 

  • There will be no problem with the conversion. Right now HEIC is supported by Windows 10 and macOS. If you found out that your HEIC photos can't be open, you can try to convert it to another supported format. There is some Heic converter software to help you out! I hope THIS can help you out!