How To Lock Just AUDIO Levels

How do you lock or disable changing the audio level of a track?

I will accidentally change the db of tracks all the time. I'll be trying to select the clip on the timeline and instead I'll change the level of that stupid audio line!

(also second bonus question)
Is it still impossible to link multiple clips? I have the audio of three people and have to cut out pauses etc. If I could link them all that would save me SO MUCH TIME. Aaaa


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    @FrostDrive you cannot lock individual properties of an object, but you can lock the entire track. If you are trying to cut multiple tracks at once, you can hold the Alt key (on Windows, unsure of the equivalent on Mac) to slice every track at that point at once.

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    Hi.....that would be too much of a time waster for the elves. Remember, there's no large, well funded corporation here, it's just a bunch of volunteers across many time zones. Having to strain all postings into groups before we answer them is a time waster. As it is, many people post in a generic forum with System Specific questions and we have to start digging for information wasting even more time.

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    If you change the editor previews to the smallest size, it will turn off the graphs.

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