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    Hi, I'm Grant Rosenblum, and I'm an aspiring 13 year-old film-maker, coder, gamer, and photo-editor. I'd just like to share the first episode of a series I'm working on. I think it shows how well the 3D compositing aspect of HitFilm can really create a video-game type atmosphere, completely CG with no live action or practical effects involved at all. Here it is. Tell me what you think. Any critques are welcomed. This was made using a managerie of programs, including HitFilm, Photoshop, and Flash. 

    First off welcome to the community!  Secondly, 13!?!?!?  Keep doing what you're doing, you have a bright future ahead of you! 
    The shot at 1:48, was that all setup within HitFilm? 
    For portions of the video, it really felt as if I was part of a video game.  The sound effects - music etc were tied in very nicely and really helped setup the environment you were going for.  Some of the transitions or cuts could have been a bit tighter from an audience viewing standpoint, however, it does remind me of the waiting time between certain scenes in a game.
    Keep it up!


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    There's a cool visual style going on here which I really like. Main thing I'd say is that the pacing isn't right - it's all exceedingly slow, for no apparent reason. The loading screens make it feel like a computer game, but you could probably have just done one at the start for effect rather than repeatedly stopping the action. The level 1 title also stays on screen for a very long time before anything happens.
    Definitely a good bit of work, though. Welcome to the community - looking forward to seeing what you do next.
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    Yeah, what everyone else said: The art style, the music the animation, it all feels like a video game. Technically this is imaginative and well-executed. This feel like a video game.
    But, I also agree that the pacing is slow: It feel like the part of the game where I'm getting a drink, using the restroom or mashing the "Get On With It" button. As Simon suggested, you could do the loading screen once, but I think you can get away with all three if you cut them to 5 seconds instead of 15. Or vary the length--if you're going to the screen of text for veggie burger, maybe one second. Loading a whole level, 5 seconds, max.
    Welcome to the community! I also agree that you should certainly keep with it, because you're at the perfect age to get good with it. :-)
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    Yup. Pretty sure I first encountered the Corridor Digital and freddiew chaps when they were about your age, and it worked out pretty well for them. :)
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