Is this Workflow also possible in Hitfilm (Golf Shot Tracing Lines)?

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Hello everyone! :- )
Recently watched a very cool Tutorial on Youtube, where a Golfshot was manually tracked and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro only. 
Basically the Editor simply creates a new path with the pen tool. Draws a rectangular shape around this path to create a line and animates this line with a mask to appear stepp by step.
Here's the full video with the Effect and Explanation:
So I thought it would be cool to establish the same Effect in Hitfilm Express. I did a little bit of research and came up with the same Idea as "FilmSensai" to track an Object and simply use the 2-Point Lightsword Effect for creating this tracing line.
You can watch this technique here:
It works well, but i got two issues using this method:
1. I have to use a Tracker/Tracking Box to get a Tracking Path
2. I'm getting a round shape of the Tracing Line
So my Question is:
Can I also create a manual Tracking Path by only Using den Pen Tool in Hitfilm Express?
Is there a way there a way to get the Lightsword Effect more rectangular looking?
Are there other (maybe more easy) ways to get the same effect in Hitfilm?
Thanks to everyone for your Help!!!


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     At the moment, FilmSensei’s method is the best way to draw lines. The way to make custom points is to use add keyframes and position it yourself. This could also be a potential use case for Action Pro. 
    To answer your second question, there should be a setting to make the tips flat- light sword is highly customizable, so there’s a lot of sub options that are hard to find.

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