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Hey, i've got a problem with camera. earlier in life i wanted to be filmmaker, but the authistic nature of me and being alone was never helping me in my aspirations. Now i want to get rid of my filmmaker equipment and buy something just for clear recording sports and documents. I have canon600d now with three lenses, samyang 14mm 2.8f, kit one, and youong 50mm f1.8. Im starting to feel burned out with checking all these lenses and trying to make my movies as "filmlooked" as possible. When i get rid of that maybe i will have something near 1000$.  Do you can help me with finding a good, cheap professional camera/camcorder? it need to have long lense range for sports, and don't know anything whats more. Ive thinking about Sony HXR-MC2500J and JVC GY-HM70E but maybe they are to old. 


Any suggestions? I will very apprieciate for any help.


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    I own a Sony HXR-MC2500.  For me... it does the job.  I've shot a couple of simple documentary type pieces with it.  And some Star Wars fan film footage.  Have had NO issues with it.  It is more a pro-sumer rather than the "pro" unit though.  The main drawback I see is no interchangeable lenses.  

    It also is LARGE physically..... so keep that in mind.  There are smaller cameras that shoot 1080p HD footage. 

    I had a video pro friend recommend this unit to me for what I wanted and what I had to spend.

    Some of the REAL video people here on the forum will be a better reference then I for what else is out there in the price range and what they think of this unit.





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