Keyframing is not working in Fusion, in Davinci Resolve

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Hi guys, I just bought Ignite Pro for use in Davinci Resolve, and wanted to use the Heat Distortion effect (as well as some others). I am trying to make an image become increasingly distorted (by changing the scale from 1 to 50) over time, but when I set the key framing in Fusion, the distortion stays static at 50 the entire time, and does not change. I tested this with other effects as well, and it doesn't seem to work with those either. It does, however, seem to work in the edit timeline of Davinci for some reason. This is very frustrating as I payed for this software thinking this would work with Davinci Resolve, and therefore work in Fusion, but that doesn't seem to be the case. What's the use of it working in Resolve if it doesn't work for the main page that deals with effects within it? Or if it does work, is there some way I can fix it? Thanks


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    It's probably a bug -- I think the Ignite effects are fairly new to the Resolve world, so they haven't been properly tested. 

    The Fusion engine isn't the same as Resolve's core video engine, which is probably why the effects work on one page but not on the other. It's really several applications linked together under the hood rather than the typical corporate-style morass of mud. 

    Have you tried that effect on the color page? That's the most mature OFX host in Resolve, so often you'll get better results with 3rd party OFX plugins there than in Fusion.

    It would be worth it to sign up for the Black Magic forums and post about your experience there; you're likely to find more people who can help you there than here, since the folks here are generally a lot more familiar with HitFilm than with Resolve, for obvious reasons.


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    Ya. It is probably a bug. 

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