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Hey Hitfilm community,

in my newest video im playing rocket league and i want the ball to be followed by a light streak. I have the newest hitfilm express version and i dont own any add ons. I've seen a few youtube tutorial with it but with the Particle simulator effect. So i dont exactly know how to do it - maybe one of you can give me a simple step by step tutorial or link me tutorial to that? would be greatthanks in advance

(I can also speak in german if any german is reading it and has an idea to the issue 

The Lightstreak should follow that line 




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    I think this tutorial from @FilmSensei should give you the tools you need:

     The biggest issue I see is that the ball might not always track cleanly, and you might have to make your own keyframes at times, but this should get you started. Look at it, try it with your footage, and play around with it! If you could post your results, I’d love to see.

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