Gun Hand Luke episode 2 prologue

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Hey all. Here's the first 3 mins of the next episode of my short film series. A bit of just about everything here, green screen, 3d models, particle simulator (this was the project that @HitfilmSensei basically broke down the mystery on his youtube channel) Huge thanks again. There's some Mixamo models and @Triem23 's water caustics effect which also become a go-to effect for me. So hopefully you enjoy and any questions fire away. Thanks. Rob.




  • DafterThings
    DafterThings Website User Posts: 922 Enthusiast

    Looks great. I love the creepy other world scenes. Enough to be confusing but not too much not to watch.

  • Triem23
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    Very nicely put together. Lots of time and love in every frame. 

    That first edit - the fake crane shot cut from the overhead plate to the ground level plate - is cheeky as hell, and it shouldn't work, but it does. 

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