HE 13.0.9126.7201 - None keyboard shortcut keys are working

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I'm a frustrated user of Hitfilm Express 13.0.9126.7201.

None shortcut keys are working. H no change to Hand mode anymore, V do not change to select tool anymore, timeline shortcuts to jump 10 frames for left or right does not working anymore, It does not resolve to change keyboard shortcuts manually as they will not work. SOMETIMES , and . (< and > keys) works, sometimes not!

I also noticed that the program takes longer than previous versions to open an existing project or even create a new project.


  • TheBenNorris
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    Sorry to hear you're having difficulty with the software. We are aware of a lot of shortcut issues and are working to fix them. Many of the shortcut problems may be due to the presence of a text layer, as you may unknowingly have it selected, which blocks a lot of shortcuts.

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