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I've deliberately not posted anything about this for fear of it not coming off. After all, I believe I posted something about this idea a year ago and then never ended up making it last summer...
"September Sun" is a project close to my heart. It's about the uncertainty one faces before beginning the next stage of their life. It's innocent, poetic, sweet and even a little bit sad. As I mentioned, I wanted to make this last summer but for all kinds of reasons, I never got around to it. This time, I'm refusing to be beaten. If I don't make this film now, I feel I'll be too distanced from the emotions that inspired me to write it and I won't be able to make it with the same honesty.
Pretentious sheehat aside, yesterday was our primary shoot day. We shot the bulk of the film atop a hill near Upper Hale in Hampshire; the view was awesome. All of the following stills are, unless otherwise stated, ungraded screenshots of the raw footage.
Our best shot of the day came near the end, when the sun became a glorious orange. I'm probably going to use this still as a reference for when I'm grading the rest of the film. If I can, I'll see if I can test out HitFilm's grading with this footage.
So, that's it for now. I've got a lot of fiddly shots to do for the middle of the film now, most of which will hopefully be shot this week. More stills to follow!


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    Wow AE this looks incredible! The last shot with the sunset looks absolutley beautiful, congratultions! I like the first shot of the landscape as well- i've always been a sucker for shots of landscapes and nature- i think you captured the scenery perfectly.
    Have you got an idea of your preferred running time yet? Shame about having to sell your camera by the way- have you ever thought of pawning it?
    Anyway- this looks very cool i shall definately have to keep an eye on it- Thanks for sharing it!
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    Thanks Sam! Without giving too much away, I plan to do a lot more landscape shots for this film before we're done ;)
    As for running time, the script is six pages but we're probably looking at about 7 or 8 minutes running time. For me, that's very short. In terms of genres, this one is also a bit of a shift in gears too...
    Thanks for your support!
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    The past couple of days have been spent filming some different material. Mercianfilm, I promised you landscapes and thus I bring forth landscapes! You're in luck because that's basically all I've been filming.
    Getting a wide angle image out of a camera with a crop sensor is hard. As I mentioned, a lack of money means I'm limited to my Dad's kit...and it doesn't include a wide enough wide for a camera with a 1.6x crop factor. He does, however, have a Sakar fisheye adapter for his 28-50mm Tamron. Today, I decided to test it out. I tried to limit the distortion by using the Tamron on 50mm, but alas much of the distortion, softness and most crucially the chromatic abberation remained. It's terrible, really. But, oddly, it might just work for the section of the film I've got these shots down for...
    I also tried to take more advantage of a slider I borrowed too. Here's a nice foresty shot, which coasts left-to-right across the forest floor. I like the colours in this one and, may I remind you, I haven't even started tweaking it yet, this is just a screenshot of the raw footage.
    I also tried to film a timelapse sunset on Monday too. Straight off, it didn't work. I underestimated the sun's trajectory, so I set too close to the edge of frame for my liking. Secondly, I had to swap memory cards half way through the shoot, and then had to keep intervening every fifteen minutes of so because 550Ds have this problem automatically stopping recording. I hear it's an overheating issue. Despite not getting quite what I was after, I was treated to this awesome image. I've simply got to find a place to work in this section of the footage in to the film!
    Anyway that's all for now. Right now, I'm a little too tired having trudged almost 7kms for today's shooting...
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    Looking great AE! I wonder if you have any footage you might feel like donating for people who want to try play around with grading? We would be happy to host anything you (or others) might have. :)
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    That looks pretty awesome AE! Looking forward to this! :)
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    Sorry for the super late reply Josh! Have been sunning it up in Turkey for the last fortnight! Yeah, I'm sure I could donate a few clips. What sort of stuff are you after, length-wise and content-wise?
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    Looking great, any video clips ready? :-)
  • SpectrOdrake Corp.SpectrOdrake Corp. Website User Posts: 135
    that looks amazing !
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