Express Support: Neon Glow Effect does not export correctly.

Hi there,

I'm new to Hitfilm and VFX in general so this may be an easy fix. I've found that when exporting a clip I've been working on any layer that has a neon glow effect on it does not render correctly. The clip looks correct in the preview inside hitfilm but the exported file is far from it. I've attached some pictures below to demonstrate this.

I'm working on Windows 10 i5, 16Gb RAM, I5 2500, GTX 1060 3Gb. I also tried updating my video drivers. No luck there.





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    Novussanctus  I'm not the most technical person in the forum (so take this as merely a suggestion), but my first thought is it looks like whatever format you're exporting to doesn't support transparency which might be causing the weirdness, or it may have no effect on the situation.  The file gurus will probably want to know what preset you're exporting to though.

  • Novussanctus
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    Hi tddavis

    I'm exporting using the uncompressed AVI with alpha layer. So that shouldn't be the issue.

    Thank you for the suggestion though :)

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    @Novussanctus Just did a test and I think the AVI preset is the problem after all:

    1st Test Neon Glow with AVI Uncompressed

    2nd test PNG seq with Alpha

    I never use the AVI because of the huge files and I always have trouble with using them later.  My goto is the PNG sequence when I need transparency.  Hope this help you out.

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    It looks lo me like whatever software you are viewing the exported AVI with is not calculating the alpha channel. The blocky color is there to fill in all the areas where the glow should be, then the feather of the glow is contained in the alpha channel. Applying the alpha channel will remove he black areas, and feather the glow. How you adjust that setting will depend on the software you are using to view the file.

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