[SOLVED] Add-on issue

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So I've been away from HF for a while (uninstalled).  I've just reinstalled and re-registered but I don't have my add-ons anymore and it looks like I have to purchase them again.

Any ideas what's going on?


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    Same email address, correct? Your license is tied to your email, so if you changed your email that would invalidate your plug ins. 

    On your Account page on this site you should be able to check your license, activations and add ons. Consider, from that page, deactivating your install then deactivating on your current comp. 

    What version of Hitfilm were you using when you last uninstalled and what version are you running now? I ask because with the Nay, 2018 release of Hitfilm Express the store was redone and the add-on packs changed. You may show as "having no packs," but you would have the individual effects from those old packs.

    I'm not certain how FXHOME deals with purchases of current packs when you already have certain effects. That might be a question for support. Point is if your prior version was Hitfilm Express 3 through 2017 and you've jumped to HF 13 the store switch impacts you. (Small comfort for you, but this potential issue reaches to only about 10% of the user base, and I assume most of them were handled at the time.) 

    If it's not a glitch a deactivate/activate fixes, or a "package switch" you'll need to contact Support. 


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    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I have deactivated via my account page but I now can't reactivate  Not sure if this makes a difference but since posting I have done a hardware upgrade on my PC (?hardware ID issue?).  When i click the  blue activate button (top right) nothing happens.  When I go to the activation screen in options and click, the whole options screen just disappears.  I've reinstalled twice but still no joy.

    It was a while ago that I first got HF, version 3 I think.  I did change my email address on my account but surely that wouldn't then render my previous add-on purchases a void.

    Anyway, the add-ons aren't the issue at the moment, being able to activate and get rid of that beeping sound would be nice.

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    @GTOtt I think that changing your email will probably require you to contact FXHome through the support link to get the,add ons you purchased straightened out.  Here is the link: https://fxhome.com/support

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    Everything is linked to the email you first used. @tddavis is correct you must contact support.

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    The response from support.

    1- Go into the program directory for the product e.g, C:\Program Files\FXhome\HitFilm Express
    2- Go into the ActivationApp folder
    3- Double-click Activate.bat
    From there you will be able to access the Activation box and enter your account info to complete the process.

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