[SOLVED] Cant export video for no reason

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So I made a little video that was 15 min long and when I try to go export in any way, Nothing at all happens. No error sign, no crash, NOTHING at all happens. Iv tried rebooting, uninstalling, reinstalling, NOTHING at all is working. I know that its not just this video because when I try to go do something else, it still wont export.

It only started to do this today and has worked on this PC in the past so I have NO CLUE what the problem could be. 

Please help

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    @theRAGINGcorgi When you say nothing happens, do you mean the export queue prompt doesn't pop up to give you the option to keep working or go to the queue or is the queue opening?  This happened a month or so ago to a user and poking around I found that if you click keep working and accidentally have the remember this option checked it doesn't open the queue anymore.  If this is the case, you can go to FILE/OPTIONS/ drop down to PROMPTS & WARNINGS and click it.  The 2nd checkbox in the list on the right should be checked so that it will once again prompt you when you click Export..  I hope this is what you have going on.

  • OMG, you are my savor. Real talk you are such a great person. Iv been looking for hours and found nothing at all.

     I cant thank you enough man  

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    @the RAGINGcorgi  Glad that it was the issue and an easy solution.

  • I  need help, I have been trying to export but when I click the export button it won't show up or anything; so I tried to do the other export button and waited for 21 minutes and it was completed but it wouldn't show me the completed file and I couldn't access it. Please help.


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    @SeraphKill this post is quite old and marked as solved. Please make a new thread in the relevant location documenting your problem in as much detail, including system specs, export preset used and so on.

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