Trouble with multiple masks

I'm trying to animate a light streak layer across a card image surface, but need to mask out the cat picture area.  I've done it successfully on the layer below to animate a gradient around the border, but having issues masking that out so that the light streak lays over the gold.  I've tried using set matte, but not having any luck.




  • Andy001z
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    Try hard baking the first mask by embedding it in a sub comp. This way the order of actions will stay true and you might see it work.

  • Dimipapa
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    I've had so much trouble trying to figure out why set matte would do what it would do in the past.  And yeah basically it will work on the original shape.  So like Andy said, you could either make the masked image a comp or else export a frame after it's masked and reimport it into the project.

  • AxelWilkinson
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    A second option is to duplicate the layer, and mask the cat on the top layer, so everything but the cat is removed. Then animate the light streak masks on the lower layer.

  • Uriyel
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    I appreciate the feedback. 

    Axel, this does work, but the ultimate end goal would be to set this comp to be able to drop in the editor timeline as an overlay for any card image.  Possibly allowing me to add multiple car images as clips and batch render a series of these as individual clips all with the same overlay shine animation.

    I really think Andy's idea is what I need, I just can't seem to execute.  See my image of what the embed comp looks like below.

    Would it just be easier to edit the base image and remove all but the border?  I thought with proper complex masking in HF I wouldn't need to do that.