Vegas 12 Horizontal Lines Problem

So I recently downloaded Vegas 12 to a new computer, and making my first video I came across Squiggly lines, and a bar of discolored horizontal lines at the top.

Now, it only appears on certain clips. I downloaded a bunch of clips from Youtube to make an encompassing video, and the scenes I couldn't find I made a video from iphone. The iphone videos don't have the lines, but the more high quality videos from Youtube do.

I'm new to being this detailed on video editing, but from my research, let me put a few settings I have for the project:

Field Order: None (progressive scan)
(I've changed to upper and lower, and the lines are still there)

Deinterlace Method: Blend Fields
(I've tried Interpolate fields but lines are still there)

Can anyone help me in how to get rid of this squiggly line/discolored horizontal line at top problem?


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