Masking light effects

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Hi all. If I apply a mask to a layer it masks it's visibility, including the visibility of any effects applied to it, except in the case of "Auto Light Flares". I'm presuming other light effects may not be masked either, although I've not tested them. Is there any way to mask the effect of the light flares? I'm trying to feather the transparency at the edges of the rectangular video plane, which I'm navigating around in 3D space (this isn't a 2D comp)


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    Masks on CONTENT LAYERS (photo/video/plane) allow an applied effect to bleed past the mask. This applies to blurs, glows, light effects and a few others.

    Masks on GRADE LAYERS are always hard-chopped at the mask edge. 

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    Triem23 Thanks. I guess the solution to every situation in Hitfilm is to "make a comp out of it.", comps, within comps, within fractals...

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