No tutorial on timelapse?

I've looked everywhere, maybe I'm just over stressed or tired, but I can't find a single how to for timelapse,


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    There are 2 main ways in which to achive a time lapse in hitfilm.
    One is to right click the shot which you would like to slow down in the media area. Then you select properties, un-check use framerate from file and set it to whatever you like.
    The second is to apply the speed effect to the clip on your timeline and slow it down or speed it up by the proportion which you would like.
  • Thank you kindly! you rock good sir!
  • I am having trouble finding the "speed effect"
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  • Timelapse is not 'speeding down', it's speeding up. 
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    Set the speed effect to numbers higher than 1 and it speeds up. Set speed to, say, 10 for ten times normal speed.
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    It doesn't seem any of the preceding discussion even addresses time-lapse proper.  Merely speeding up a recording shot at conventional frame rates is not time-lapse.  Rather, time-lapse involves shooting individual images at regular but long intervals (e.g. every 6 seconds, or every minute, etc.), and then playing those individual frames back at a "standard" motion picture rate, such as 24 or 30 fps.  If someone could explain how to do THAT in HitFilm, it would be very helpful.

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    First you have to calculate the length of your final clip. So if you need a 15 minute movie, you have to take something around 550 pictures. Get this pictures into HF and into your editor. Set the duration of each picture to one second (24 fps.....). It is a bit of calculation and a lot of work. I did this in Final Cut Pro, and there it is quite easy to do, as you can create a new compound clip and change the length of this clip just by dragging. To be honest, I think in HF it is just to much work. 

    If you use the App of this product , you will find a calculator inside the App for easy calculation (possible without the gear). Also I can highly recommend this gear, also I have seen that they have started a new Kickstarter project.  

    I have also done a tutorial on this for FCP. It`s in German but you will get the idea I believe.

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    As previously mentioned, you need to calculate how long you want each image to last.   Once you've decided how long each image should last, go into HF's options, and change 'Plane/Image Default Duration' to match that value. Now you can select all your images from the Media panel and drop them into the Editor time line and you'll have your timelapse with each image at the duration you need.

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    My previous post assumes each images resolution matches your video, if they don't, select an image from the timeline, press CTRL-A to select all of them, right click on an image, select 'Transform', then click on which ever method works best for you.

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    Would importing your time lapse images as an image sequence not also work?

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    Yeah, I'd simply import the images as an image sequence. Then you can set the framerate of the image sequence, and basically treat it as you would a normal video. 

  • So... I recorded a video with 1fps 1200kb/s 1080p... Its length is 7h and 17 minutes.... I had to chop it into 3 pieces in order to speed the entire clip up... I wanted to speed it up by 60.. but the max is 20... so I speed it by 10... and now I'm exporting it 1080p, 10fps, Profile: high, Level: 5.1, Target Bitrate: 12000MBps, Max Bitrate: 16000mbps... Why the hell does my export take 8h With 980TI and i7 3930k... The finished video is only 46 minutes... and after this is done I need to speed it up 6x to get it to 60fps... Am I really doing this right or am I doing this very wrong. If I'm doing this wrong all advice within is apprishiated.

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    If it's a video already (from a GoPro or something?), just load it in, then in the Media panel Right Click>Properties on it in the Box that appears, Untick the 'From File' on the Framerate and change it from 1 to 60.

    It's now a 60fps 7minute and 17 second video. Edit as normal.