Is there a way to sync audio/video cirurgically?

Hi there guys!

First of all, thanks for your attention and have a nice week.

I'm a musician (drummer) to be precise and I do some drum covers and edit them by myself.

I record the audio separately to sync in HitFilm Express but there's the problem:

I have two cameras shots and the recorded audio. I record by myself so I can't start recording every video and audio closest enough so I have different length files. I have to slice then closely to the start and then sync them by moving through the time line, but different from the audio software (DAW), I can't move smoothly to sync the transients and they're always close, but never synchronised. Tried som "obvious" hotkey during the alignment process but not succeeded.

Is there a way to align it more precisely?

thanks a lot, guys!


  • Triem23
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    There is a sync feature, which I think Axel covers here. 

    Haven't watched this, but the title is right. 

    That said, Hitfilm audio sync/movement is limited to frame boundaries - so 1/30th of a second for 30fps video. I'd recommend you do your audio editing in your DAW first, then just cut to your final music in Hitfilm. 

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    I made this a while ago (please be tolerant with whatever screen capture software I was using that yielded  2 fps or about...), before HF had a sync feature (that I still dont use). I hope it can help. How I match external audio starts around 9:00, give or take a minute.


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