Car reveal, event to come

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Hi all, here is an animation I created for the commercial launch of a car in Saudi Arabia next week. It will be displayed on a 15meters wide holographic screen (video to come if everything goes right !).

For this project, my client bought a 3D model, my job was to :

- compose and mix the music + sound FX

- modify the 3D model to fit the client's needs

- model some extra elements (animated pistons, gear shifter, AC outlets) in Blender

- composite and animate everything in Hitfilm.

Mitsubishi L200 animation


Working with a 4 million polygons model plus several copies of 1 million polygons cars, I had some ressources issues in Hitfilm. Loading and saving the project took up to 5 long minutes and I found out that the Alembic animations attached to models make the processes even heavier. Nevertheless, I had only few crashes, and the auto recovery did a good job most of time. Next time, I'll try to split my project into several sub projects if I'm working with big 3D models (here I only had a separate one for th engine animation).


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