Flawlessly Move/Resize Images for Green Screen

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Hi, coming from Photokey it has seemed this Imerge software was pushed as the latest, greatest version and Photokey is now considered Legacy Software.

A bit of a learning curve is fine, but as someone who's used photokey the better part of 40 hours a week for years, I'm finding it difficult to maintain workflow because the resizing of the foreground doesn't seem doable in the ways it is in Photokey.

Having to move the image almost completely off of the canvas to find that corner scrollbox and guess the proper size (variable per image) isn't ideal at all. Maybe I'm missing something here, surely I am. I can be removing 1000+ images from green each day as these are very large photo shoots of sports teams etc.


Any advice or helpful tips appreciated. Or should I refund and stick with photokey for what I'm doing? Thank you.


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    edited September 2019

    Lastly to mention, the Demo would not work so I had to purchase the software before I realized these things. Didn't see an edit button, not mind the double post!

  • SamuelMorris
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    Hi @P5P, you can also resize images using the transform controls under the layer properties (top right). There are options to fit to the canvas, to fill the canvas and manual percentage based adjustments. Depending on the use case it may be easier to use these controls than resize via the hud.

    Do you remember what went wrong with the Demo version?

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