Nikon D7500 or Canon EOS 80D for video?

loop78 Website User Posts: 2
edited September 2019 in Practical Filmmaking

Canon is used in professional video and filmmaking, Nikon makes photography cameras that also can shoot video. Remember, the body is the least important piece of gear in most cases. You are investing in the brand and ecosystem of products. Say you get the Nikon and start  getting really good at filmmaking. Next you start buying a bunch of lenses. Then, one mobdro day you want a REAL camera...a cine camera. Nikon doesn’t make those and probably never will Canon already dominates that market. Now you have to sell all your lenses which may become much harder if/when mirrorless replaces DSLR cameras. All that future hassle because you think you might need 4k on a computer which you think might or might not be able to work with it. Just buy a 4K camera when you DO need it and it will be a lot cheaper then anyway.

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