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Will Hitfilm have cryptomatte support in the near future? 

I'm asking you this because I tested Hitfilm Pro 13 and I'm more than happy working with a 32 bit float Linear color space with so many openexr files. 

But cryptomattes play a big role while doing my comps and I wondered if there is any plan to implement it in Hitfilm.


  • triforcefx
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    Most of the users here are just that- users. As such, we don’t know much beyond what has been officially announced. 

    That being said, you might just be the first person to bring up cryptomattes so it’s probably not even something that’s been considered for Hitfilm. There is a Wishlist thread, though don’t expect anything anytime soon. 

    The only possibility that could help you is if there’s an OFX plug-in that could introduce support, though you need Hitfilm Pro for that, and there may or may not be compatibility issues, if there even is a plug-in capable of doing what you want.

  • Triem23
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    As Cryptomatte is third party software this probably requires coordination from both companies. You need to encourage the creators of Cryptomatte to reach out to FXHOME.

    @CedricBonnier the TL/DR: Cryptomatte is a tool that can interface with several different 3D programs and Nuke/Ae. What it does is automate creation of mattes by object/group in a 3D app. A compatible compositor host can then quickly access said mattes for effects. 


    @spydurhank just wondering if you already have something similar in Filmer? 

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    @Triem23 Cryptomatte is open-source, so anyone can write an encoder or a decoder for it.

    Blender 2.80 has built-in tools for using cryptomattes, so Frank's Filmer builds should also have those.

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    Hi @FranciscoMMendes, cryptomatte is not something we have looked into, as far as I'm aware, but I'll certainly mention it with the rest of the team, it looks pretty handy.

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    Thanks @Triem23 and @JMcAllister . :)  

    Yes Cryptomatte is in Filmer. :)

    Yes I have a way to already do it in Hitfilm but not the way you may think. :)

    We've had Cryptomatte in Hitfilm ever since Hitfilm ultimate 2. I'll explain in my Filmer to Hitfilm introductory video in a few short days or in the video directly following.

     @FranciscoMMendes , My name is Francisco Salinas or just Frank... I don't know why with the letter K, that is just how I spell my nickname. Howdy and welcome. Always a good thing to see friendly Blender users on the Hitfilm Forums. :)  

    Best thing to do is already said, contact the Cryptomatte developers to request a Hitfilm port of the software. Always best to go through official channels as you'll get a response right away. Although I already have the base code or ground work started to do such a thing, it is still always the best thing to do, go directly to the source. :)  


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    I guess there are no positive changes regarding this topic, right?


  • Triem23
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    @davbach Contact the developers of Cryptomatte. It's up to them to develop a Hitfilm compatible version.

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