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Hello everyone! Since this is my first post, I'll introduce myself by saying I'm a college student who loves film, narrative, and computers. With this project, I wanted to get some experience with my new camera and HitFilm (which I'd never used before), so I went to some mountains, shot a video, and played some Lord of the Rings music on the piano for it. There is a bit of coloring on every shot, and a few were stabilized. Sorry about the piano's (lack of) tuning.
I would appreciate any feedback.


  • Triem23
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    Looks good! Lovely footage of a great location! What's your camera?
    The music adds a melancholy feel. The slight detune on the piano doesn't detract, but you're getting some damper bar noise that's adding a couple of distracting THUNKS here and there.
    Your edits go well will the music, so everything flows together nicely.
    Good work. Welcome to the community.
  • JohnL11
    JohnL11 Website User Posts: 8
    Thanks for watching! I have a Panazonic GH3. Yeah, there's also the damper thump. I did quite a bit of post on the audio, but couldn't seem to get rid of those thumps without making it sound really strange. I usually try to get someone who knows about sound to mix for my films, but it was worth the experience to try it myself this once.
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