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i dont know if this is the right place but nevertheless. I just built my new pc and i’m having problem with my booting device. Using an ssd and connected it and selected as main boot device. It’s been detected in the bios but everytime i start up, it keeps saying to reboot and select proper boot device. I’m a complete noob in pc so really need help. Dont know what to do


  • triforcefx
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    Did you do a fresh Windows install to your SSD or did you take the SSD from your old computer (Or clone your old Drive to the new SSD)?

    It's usually recommended to do a fresh Windows install when you build a new system. If you already did a fresh install and it's still not booting, then maybe your install was corrupted? 


    While many of the users here do have technical experience, you'd probably get more (and better) answers by posting this type of question to a tech support forum (such as r/techsupport on Reddit).