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Hi. I'm using the Freehand Mask with keyframes to extract an moving a subject from a background.

After having keyframed the polygon of mask, is there a way of copy-paste just a section of points from a keyframe to another? (to copy the position of some points, without moving the others).

This is useful, after having placed a list of keyframes, to change and keeping the position of some points without affecting the others.

I noticed that this is possibile only by copying all points (the entire polygon).

Thank you.


  • tddavis
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    @techman84 If I understand correctly what you describe, you should be able to keyframe enable the PATH of a mask then move move individual points as needed.  One caveat though, it is best to add as many points as you think you might need at the start rather than mid- animation.  When you add a point x number of seconds in it retroactively adds all the way to the beginning and will have to readjusted back.  I hope this is what yopu were looking for.

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    @tddavis thanks for answering.

    I know about the information you wrote, especially about the fact that it's better to decide at the beginning how many points are needed, since you cannot keyframe the action of adding a new point.

    I try to be clearer. What I was asking is about this scenario:
    1) I draw a path of 10 points and animate it with 30 keyframes;
    2) review the animation;
    3) at keyframe number 10, change the position of point p;
    4) want to keep p in this new position also from keyframe 11 to 20.

    So I'm finding a way to copy the coordinates (x, y) of point p from keyframe 10 and paste them into the point p from keyframe 11 to 20, without moving the rest of points.

  • AxelWilkinson
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    The Path property does not allow you to access points of the mask individually. It stores the location of all points in a single keyframe, so it is not possible to copy/paste specific mask point locations between keyframes.