"The Meat Grinder"

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Very VFX heavy and wasn't a lot of fun to edit.
It's *another* contest entry this time on the theme "Deja vu". Oh well.. nearly covered it 


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    Masterfully done!

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    Thanks both.

    I think I have found better lighting for my green screen as these keyed much clearer.
    I went back to the Hitfilm Halo Jump tutorial for the drop pod scene.  I don't think I have ever used diffuse in the past. Instead I would apply a blur but this effects looks so good.

    Lining up and keyframing all the muzzle flashes was tedious. If there is a better way of doing it I'd be interested.

    Finally, I think layering the sky, rain,  smoke etc really helps to build the atmosphere and, frankly, hides some issues. 



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