Slowly increase speed of HitFilm Express Clip

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Hello all.

I have a parallax stars video as a background for one of my clips and was wondering if there was a way to slowly speed up this clip, giving the illusion that any object on top of the layer was moving faster. I've tried the speed effect, but it didn't give me the look I was looking for. 

If any one else has any other ideas please let me know

Thanks in advance 


  • Jarrahv1
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    did you turn on key framing?

    there's a few ways i can think of trying right off the top of my head.

    one would be doing an export at a higher frame rate to give you the slowed down version.  then do it again at a high to normal rate.  then one at a normal to lower.  then one at a lower rate.
    re import them and cut as required.

    another would be to export single frames and play with the frame rate that way then re import them as a batch.

    you can also change the speed of the clip by right clicking on it (not sure if this is the method you used or not) and if you play with keyframing that should work.  i'll take a quick look

  • Jarrahv1
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    seems to be easier to do it as a comp shot with the speed effect.  that should work


    double click on the effect.  click the O icon to activate it.  choose the speed you want.  move the frame.  add another key (if you just want a simple ramping up just 2 will do) and you can set them to smooth transition and done

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    Thanks Jarrahv1. My PC is not powerful enough for the first method (Intel i5 2500 CPU, GT 1030 GPU, 10GB DDR3 RAM), however the second method is the one I will use. I was unaware of the ability to keyframe the speed effect.