An official Hitfilm preset marketplace?

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I know that over the years there have been a couple hosts for Hitfilm presets, but none actually hosted by FXHome. is no longer hosting them, and you have to go to non descriptive google drive. It seems that since JavertValbarr joined the FXHome team That has been left on its own, that is unfortunate, because it was an excellent tool for sharing effects. 

Is there anyway  that FXHome could host a new official preset marketplace? 

BTW I'm NOT trying to pick at Javert in any way.


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    @LiamMcM1 That's an interesting idea.  I wonder if it might be logistically possible for the FXHome servers to host Javert's marketplace?  He had to go to the Google drive format with no cool contents thumbs due to bandwidth issues with his host site, if I recall correctly.  I would assume FXHome is already covered in that area with their own servers but I could be mistaken. Hmmm, food for thought maybe.

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    Added to the wishlist.

  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    tddavis " I would assume FXHome is already covered in that area with their own servers..."  That's what I was thinking of, it would be slightly awesome if they could/would

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    The decision for FXhome to host a preset marketplace would probably be up to Josh to decide whether it's worth the investment, and then the web team to implement it.

    But for now, I can share some of the obstacles and what would need to happen in order for it to be possible.


    Plugin Troubles is a Wordpress site. So in order to get the gallery setup for the marketplace with the thumbnails/titles/links, I used a plugin. One day, the plugin up and stopped working. I don't know why; I logged in like normal and the presets wouldn't load. Maybe I deleted something in my quest to lower bandwidth usage, as tddavis mentioned.

    In order to get the Gallery back up I'd have to reupload every single preset, then do the workaround I found which lowers bandwidth for each of them, which involves renaming + uploading again. I believe there are 100+ presets.

    I imagine FXhome would develop the marketplace using their own web coding expertise.


    HitFilm project files/composite shots/presets can't be loaded into versions earlier than the one it was made in. If I make a preset in HitFilm V13, only V13 and forward will be able to use it. HitFilm 1, 2, 3, 4, 2017, and V6 to V12 won't be able to open it.

    To counter this, it's best to make the preset in the lowest version of HitFilm possible. This in itself comes with a few issues:

    1. People don't always have earlier versions.
    2. If they do, they forget to make the preset in them.
    3. Earlier versions might not have the effects/features required to make the preset possible.

    Because of this, presets have to be marked with a number indicating which version it's compatible in. With our policy of 12 months of updates, we're eventually going to have a range of people who are on many different versions, depending on whether or not they choose to update. If people continue to make presets in the latest version they own, it limits how many people will be able to actually use it.

    It would be up to the software devs to change the way HitFilm saves projects in order to be backwards compatible, if it's possible at all.



    Verifying and uploading each invidual preset took some time. I have to:

    • Download it
    • Check whether it works in the version the creator mentioned (if they did at all, sometimes I have to find out for myself)
    • Check whether it works well as a preset. There are several things you can do to streamline templates, which people who are first submitting don't realize, that I then have to fix.
    • Check that the preset is of quality, i.e. is it worth giving out? I'd get submissions that had Offline Media, that were too simple, that were too complex, etc.
    • Create a thumbnail
    • Upload preset to Drive and get the link
    • Upload thumbnail to Gallery, input title, description, version compatibility, download link etc.

    Getting YouTube episodes up on time is currently my #1 priority every day- nothing else comes first. I got a healthy amount of submissions when I was hosting the Preset Marketplace on my site; I imagine if we released it to FXhome's much larger audience I'd eventually be going through dozens of submissions every week.


    So an FXhome Preset Marketplace is a possibility, but would require development to implement and ongoing resource time to maintain.

  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    Thanks  JavertValbarr for the well-rounded explanation. I understand that it would be a severe pain to rebuild both the library and the Hitfilm version compatibility problem. I still think it would be slightly REALLY awesome if it could be done! Has it been considered at all? or is that?

  • tddavis
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    @JavertValbarr When I mentioned logistics, I didn't even think of a fraction of the issues you outlined.  It is a very complicated affair indeed.  Still, I agree with LiamMcM1, it would be awesome...

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    Gotta say what Javert describes is common place with any file sharing site.

    Although I never ran into cost like Javert...a dedicated server from BlueHost runs a round $200+change a month for 15 TB of bandwidth. 15 terabytes is a LOT. Hitfilm presets downloads would never reach that level and neither would the optimized images.

    As for the Wordpress plugin - hire a coder if you think it's broke..otherwise upgrade to something like Ajax multi

    Logistics - Make the submitter adhere to version numbers and working properly in said versions. Why fix someone else idea.? Let it fly..if it's not up the end users standards it just won't get downloaded.  The host's job is to host...not fix. The platform should be end user friendly...make the submitter do all the work. After all it's their preset.

    Of course I speak as though a site would not be an FXHome officially supported platform  ...rather end user work which is distributed  freely.

    Take it from someone who has extensive experience running  LARGE  file sharing sites. It takes time, commitment and the willingness to spend money!


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