Pre-made animated text gallery?

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Hi, I mainly used HFExpress to edit customer testimonials for our company to later post on YT. Often these need to include an animated horizontal text scroll of their name and/or business title. One problem I run into is that the (white) text doesn't show up well depending on the background (shirt, dress, etc). So I'd really like a tinted background for that text as part of the comp shot. And maybe some fancy moving lines or blocks (that I can change to company colors) to draw attention before fade-out.  So I was wondering if there is a gallery or library of titles/logos/etc out there somewhere that other users might have shared? Thanks!



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    @Mamba45 Sounds like you what they call Lower Thirds.  There are a number of them out and several tutorials on creating them as well.  I'll dig up some links when I'm off the phone screen and on my desktop.  But try a search for that term in the meanwhile.


    Sorry it took so long:

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    Note that Hitfilm 12 added a "Publishing" feature you'll want to learn. There are some pre-made templates existing in Hitfilm, or you can make your own, or take any older preset you find and publish it. 

    Publishing is perfect for exactly what you want to do. Publish the lower third you want and you'll very easily be able to reuse the template and very quickly change colors, etc. 

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    @Mamba45 I recently also, did a tutorial on how to quickly and easily create your own personal lower thirds using stock footage from Production Crate...

  • tddavis
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    @FilmSensei I knew I would forget some good turorials. :(

  • Mamba45
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    Thanks much for all the tips & info....lots to look into, appreciated!

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