MP4 transparent background.

I loaded a mp4 with a green background. when I try to use the color key to remove the background it turns black. On export the image has a black background instead of no background. Any help would be awesome.


  • Mistery1307
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    You cannot export to MP4 with a transparent background, however, there is an export preset named "GoPro Cineform RGB with alpha" That has transparency built-in. As for the keying, I suggest using the Hue And RGB key, switching "match colors by" to RGB, then selecting the color to get rid of, and setting the tolerance fairly low.

  • triforcefx
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    You'll need to export to a format that supports Alpha (transparent) channel. The best option in the default export options is usually "GoPro CineForm RGB 12-bit with Alpha (MOV)". The uncompressed AVI option will give you a massive file (a couple GB/second) and the PNG sequence can be useful for some things, but if you need audio or a file you can easily send, it's not very helpful. Note that in many cases, such as when viewing the video in the Windows Movies & Videos app, it will treat the Alpha as black anyways, but when importing the file into HitFilm, it should act as a pre-keyed video.