Possible to create my own Drag/Drop effects?

So I'm working on a slideshow for my Mom, and for the majority of the images she took in Portrait mode. So I would like it if I could drag an effect on that takes the image and puts a blurred version of it behind it so the screen is completely filled.

I'm sure there is *probably* an existing effect for this, but instead of finding it; I'd like to learn if/how I can make my own, because I'll probably repeat transitions and It would be cool if I knew how to make my own drag/drop transitions instead of making composite shots every time.


  • Mistery1307
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    The editing starter pack add-on comes with an effect that can be used in the editor timeline, but yes, you can make your own effects presets, just apply a couple effects, and then select them all>right click>make preset. You can find the folder containing it in the last folder.

  • triforcefx
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    Perhaps there is an easier way even without the addon pack, but I would fully  edit the entire video together on the second video track, then copy the entire video 2 track and paste it on the video 1 track. Figure out your Scale, Blur, and possibly Brightness and Contrast effects on a single video 1 clip, then do what @Mistery1307 said and make a preset. Drop the preset onto the rest of your video 1 clips

  • Thanks a lot :D this is all very helpful!