Nikon D7100 or Canon 7D or wait for the canon 70D

I have a Canon EOS 60D Kit EF 18-55 IS right now and am looking for an upgrade that is neither too ambitious nor lower than my camera, and there is up to $700 for me.

Now I had to choose between two options that suddenly came up to a fierce competitor. The 7D is very old and I don't feel good but it is much better than my own camera and it was a good choice, but here I was a little tempted to change the camera brand and get to know the D7100. I was researching for this camera in Digikala, a website like Amazon, and was happy with the Nikon brand until canon introduced its new product. I really like it and it's really hard to miss all the features you've got in the 70D that I think completely removed the 7D from my options. Now help me out overall and say this brand change is good or bad and D7100 is good or wait for my money to reach 70D?

The three things that make me prefer canon are that the LCD is 360 degrees. Touch. And it has WiFi. Of course, the new photodiode or dual-pixel system that captures the constant focus can't even pass and the shooting speed is higher than the Nikon. It looks like Nikon has a similar system to the 70D, but I haven't seen it yet.

Now rest with you. Awaiting for your guidance.


  • Hi, we shoot almost everything in a nikon D7100 right now, it's a good choice but its not made for video, it's a photo camera in essence , we choose the nikon because the optics, especially the vintage ones and we are going to upgrade the body for a "film" body but keeping the nikon. We use to work with the canon 7d but the problem we have of overheat in video make us to change and use nikon.

    This is personal experience and we hope this helps you a little .