Darkness Rises (Lightsaber Duel)

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All editing and effects done in Hitfilm, Blender, and Affinity Photo. 90% done in Hitfilm. Music created using Logic Pro, and sound effects were mastered there too. Filmed on Sony A7 III.


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    The only thing that sticks out is when the guy was meditating with the handle floating. Somehow in the second shot, where he grabs it, it looks SO much better. The rotoscoping was so good, and the sparks were a really nice touch! The lightsabers also don't stick out at all and look like a real part of the scene! The reflections in the eyes at 1:20 also look amazing.

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    @Mistery1307 much appreciated! The hilt in the initial shot was created in Blender while in the second shot it was the physical prop (we just had someone standing right next to him holding it by the blade then cut him out). I wish I had thought to use the physical blade for the first shot as well. Would’ve looked 100% better, as I’m no pro in Blender. We debated adding the sparks, but after looking to the new films as a reference, I noticed how they make the impacts so much more real and intense. I appreciate your input and your noticing of the details in the visual effects! Thanks for watching!

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    Looks great and the choreography is really well done. I didn't notice the chap meditating was floating for a while. It's a nice shot and you might have made more of it.

    I liked how the lighstaber blade at the end moved down as well. Nice little touch.

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    Really nice scene, vfx on the hits was spot on. Only thing that in my mind let's it down is the colour grading, it dies rather look to our world colours, try putting on of Hitfilm film grades on it.

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