Portal effect

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Hi y'all, I was outside taking some photos and on my way back to my house I just decided to record something quickly, I didn't really have a plan of what I was gonna do with it. I ended up deciding to make some sort of portal effect. I think it looks decent so far. Here it is.


There are a few things I could use some help on. In the area on the ground that the portal's light brightens up, there should be no shadow, the portal's light should illuminate anywhere that was previously in shade. I tried brightening the shadows with curves and also used some exposure effects, but couldn't really get it to work, any tips on how I could do that?

I also have a few questions about some mocha matte controls. I used mocha to mask out the canoe and kayak. I tried feathering but then I realized that that was making the portal disappear where it touched the kayak. I went to change it to "feather in" like the normal hit film masking, but I couldn't find any control for that. I ended up finding a different way to do it, but is there any control like that for mocha mattes? If not I gotta add it to the wishlist!

Also, anything else you see that could be improved, let me know!!

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