Animated Lasers

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I have been doing some workflow tests and stumbled on the Animated Lasers generator in Ignite. 

My problem is the same in DaVinci Resolve 16 (release, not the Beta) and FCPX 10.4.5. Using Ignite Pro 4.1.1046 in MacOS 10.13.6. There are 6 frames to move across and the effect stays in place for frame 1 and 2, moves for 3 and 4 and then stays in place for 5 and then moves again for 6.

This makes the laser look like it was generated elsewhere and it's using the wrong pull-down to me (Ah crud, my age is showing from my tape based format days). My footage and timelines are both UHD 24p. The footage is fine in both places. Is this the result frame-rate mismatch between the plug-in and the host or am I doing something wrong? Or is this a problem with the handling of the plug-in in DaVinci and FCPX?

I would prefer to do the effect in DaVinci and avoid bouncing around editors if possible. I tried HitFilm 12 and the effect works correctly, which doesn't surprise me because if I remember right the effects are baked in to the product, but takes 9 1/2 minutes to export a 13 second clip to Prores 4444. That's going to drive me nuts.



I discovered the motion blue setting on the layer, using that instead of adding the motion blue effect sped up export by orders of magnitude. Now exports in 25 seconds. I can work with that. Now I can cut in DaVinci, export a proxy to Hitfilm and add laser effects (and possibly other things), export the effects layer only with alpha and comp and color grade back in DaVinci.

Sill interested in why the plug-in behaves that way though.

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