Linking clips in timeline.

AndyQAndyQ Website User Posts: 65

Hi peeps. Am I missing something here? I can't seem to link more than two layers in the edit timeline (I'm trying to link a video layer to 2x audio layers, being L/R channels). I also can't seem to link audio tracks at all (i.e. just link two or more audio tracks, no video tracks) meaning a multi-track recording requires selecting all layers before moving them.  It took me an hour how to figure out how to select multiple tracks (CTRL-SHIFT-CLICK, .found in the manual after much searching, and seemingly a rather unusual combo for multi-selects) but I've been unsuccessful researching this one.

Also (unrelated), is it true that the height of the tracks can't be adjusted on a per-track basis; there's just a global setting for video track height and audio track height? Or is there a....hidden secret....?

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