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Hello everyone,
I would thank Hitfilm Team for doing such a good job. Hitfilm is so simple and powerfull that I use it for photo editing (exporting frame), it makes the job very well, but it's limitated to 4090x4090 resolution.
I hope someday they will add a simple and efficient photo editor to the toolbox, because Adobe is a mess to use.


  • GKDantas
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    It can handle 4090 pixels now??? I talk to the team when using for edit layered images done in 3D package, and it only worked with 1920 pixels at that time (version 1)
  • AxelWilkinson
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    HitFilm 2 Ultimate has always been able to handle 4k resolutions, provided you have a GPU that is up to the task.
  • GKDantas
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    Never tried with version 2....
  • Triem23
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    Yeah, I've used Hitfilm to augment photo editing myself--Hitfilm's effects set has a few things in it that are a lot harder or time consuming in Photoshop or GIMP.
    I haven't found the 4K limit to be a problem in Hitfilm, but I usually work on photos at a 2400x3000 (or 2400x3600) resolution, which is an 8x10 (or 8x12) photo at 300dpi. Honestly, that's all the resolution you need for a photo, unless you're preparing something for print at 16x20 or something like that....
  • Brettromano
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    It is not a big problem, it's just to do some animation and zoom in you must have non pixelized photo. Having a real photo editor would be a real plus in some photo editing for video, some tool like the magic wand selecting an obvious zone.
    With a focus or blur effect you can make the trick, a good video editing is always a lot of tricks.
    The 2 version is realy good, usefull effect are added, and the 4K for the rares lucky ones who have the video camera that can do that.
    One more thing they could add in a 3 version : to be able to creat simple 3D objects, or make a simplified 3d editor for noobs. I use a free version of Vue (eon software), it's realy easy to use, but the free version do to let you export objects created.
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