GPU Acceleration with AMD for Mac

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I'm looking at including HitFilm Pro in my ecosystem for the post production facility that I'm slowly building, well looking at getting finance for.

However; the fact that as yet, GPU acceleration for AMD cards isn't supported has put this idea on hold.

Any news on when this will be implemented?


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    To be clear, AMD graphics are fully supported for all rendering tasks in HitFilm, so most of what you do in HitFilm ids already going to be accelerated by the use of a decent AMD GPU.

    It is only video decoding that isn't yet handled on AMD graphics. In all other respects they are implemented the same as NVIDIA or Intel graphics.

    As far as when video decoding will be implemented, no schedule has been announced.

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    Thank you Axel for your information.

    It would be nice if decoding could be implemented soon, as it would make my life easier.  Perhaps if I were able to get a new Mac Pro with an Afterburner card, it would absolutely fly!


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