Audio crackling during peaks?

purmellopurmello Website User Posts: 1

So this is a somewhat strange issue. I'm editing in Foley and sound effects for an animation in HitFilm Express, and one of the sound effects is meant to blatantly clip the audio. Like, it's Bass Boosted, it's way too loud, and it peaks, obviously. This is the intended effect. However, when I import the sound into HitFilm Express, rather than sounding really bassy, full, and loud, the peaks register as tinny, prickly crackling noises. I thought this might just be an editing thing, but it plays this way in the export as well. In no other video editing software or audio playback software do these crackles appear.

The curious thing is that I don't think it's an issue of the project's audio levels, since even if I bring the volume of the clip way down to where it no longer peaks, I still get this repeatable rhythm of crackles in the audio. "Badum bum." It would seem to me as if it's not an issue of clipping, but rather of HitFilm maybe compressing the audio once it's imported. I'd like to know if anyone has a fix to this admittedly niche issue. It would be greatly appreciated.

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