Nikon D5100 or D5200 or D3300?

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Hi Guys,

I'm new to this forum and need some advice. Photography is my latest hobby and I was using Nikon D3100 from the last couple of months. Now I have sold it and looking for mid-range DSLR camera, not expensive but can afford a bit expensive if its worth buying. I've a resto business and I'm also interested in some food photography for my business. So I need a good DSLR camera & lens advice. After reading some reviews, I almost decided to buy D5100 as its cheap and very competitive to all latest entry level DSRL's in terms of overall ratings. But with the launch of D3300, I'm again confused. If I have money to waste on an expensive mid-level DSLR, I would like to spend on D5200 but its expensive, the drawback in D5100 is its firmware, I really like latest firmware of D5200, D5300 and even D3300 and my other reason of interest was a swivel screen of D5k series. 

As of today, I'm getting D5100 in 25k (new), D3300 in 30k (new) and D5200 in 32-35k (second hand) with kit lens, bag etc. Kindly advice me which camera should I buy and the lens as well. Thanks!


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    Sorry nobody has helped out.

    These are in no way the opinions of FXHome, but just my own thoughts if I was looking into buying one of the cameras you have mentioned. As a photographer myself, this is what I would be looking at from the cameras mentioned.

    1st off, I find these websites to be very handy for comparing specs on the various cameras, there is so much to take into consideration feature-wise, so it speeds up searching and comparing what camera does what.

    Looking at the cameras and what you want to do with them, I would be favouring the Nikon D5200 over the D3300 for the fact the screen on the D5200 is articulated, this aids shooting products and most things a lot. You also have a lot more A/F points and more are cross-type for better A/F accuracy.

    The articulated screen is great for when shooting stills and moving image work, the clearer the screen the easier it is for reviewing your work while it is still stored on the camera as well. It will also flip round so if you are ever filming yourself you can check your composition within the screen.

    Other than that I would just consider your budget and what current lens you have got that you can use with the camera. 

    I hope this is of some help

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