HitFilm crashes after selecting "New Project"

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the app crashes immediately after clicking on "new project"
can you help me to understand what the problem is? I have already tried to reinstall the app, I tried everything but nothing works, please help me. Thanks


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    @JKmanu Most of the time when the app crashes immediately it is because the machine isn't up to the minimum specs.  The gurus will need to know your specs to be able to sort through what might be occurring.  So if you could give us your CPU, GPU (if any), RAM or any other system info it would be helpful.

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    Do you have Boris stuff installed? If you are Looking for older Posts of mine you will find two of them regarding taht. The Problem both times was with Boris 10 that came with Vegas 13 (I think) . Uninstalling everything and deleting the Folders and than new installing it helped. Anyway I got rid of that Boris stuff by now.

    The Problem was the same as you describe here: HF starts, but as soon as I opened a Project or tried to start a new one it crashed.

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    Here is the solution I found out myself. Last time it happened it was just after 3 weeks of Holidays with no HF, Vegas or Boris update. Only Windows updates. I copy the text out of the mail I send to Axel that time:

    "..... I decided to uninstall BCC 10 (which came with Vegas 14) and BCC11 (which came with Vegas 16 and - I think - parts with Hitfilm 9). After that I started HF 2017 and it worked. Then I installed HF 9.1 and it also worked. So I installed BCC Units again (both) and it still worked.

    I have absolutely no idea why the same configuration worked 3 weeks ago and now crashed and - after reinstalling all - is working again. But it is that way. Don't ask me why :)……."

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