View timeline relative to the clip?

mortoraymortoray Website User Posts: 51

I'm working with animation on a clip and I want to zoom the timeline to show only the time the clip is on the screen. Right now it displays the whole editor sequence, with only a fraction of it being the clip I'm interested in. This makes it hard to move keyframes to the end/beginning/middle.

How can I make the animation keyframe timline be relative to the selected clip (where the right side would be the end, and left side the start)?



  • FilmSenseiFilmSensei Moderator, Website User, Ambassador Posts: 2,297 Ambassador

    @mortotray Unfortunately, there is not a way to show only a clip in the width of the editor timeline. What I do is place the playhead in the middle of the clip I am working with and then adjust the timeline scale slider on the lower left hand side of the viewer window until I get most of the clip in the timeline. You can manually adjust the slider and/or you can use the shortcuts. Control and + increases the scale while Control and - decreases the scale. Also, Holding Control while rolling the mouse wheel will change the timeline scale as well. On a Mac, instead of Control use Command. I hope this helps!

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