Newbie. Hitfilm vs Fusion? And the benefits of a better editor

Hey guys, newbiew editor here. I've been interested in getting into editing more professionally (maybe editing peoples youtube videos, vlogs, etc.) Wanting to edit other peoples videos has prompted me to do some more research on editors and more advanced editing programs so I cna make sure im learnign to right programs. The problem is most of the time people are talking about more advanced topics so IDK what they are talking about lol... So I'm asking here.  Note I've used Hitfilm, have Vegas 15, and have tried premiere pro. but only at entry level.

So main question. What's the difference between Hitfilm pro and fusion? I've seen lots of Vegas + Hitfilm vs Davinci + Fusion, but people always talk about things I have no clue about haha. I know fusion is node based whatever that is but otherwise no clue the differences. And I know that even tho editors have some effects and stuff built in you generally do most effects and stuff outside your editor. Do they do (generally) the same things or are they different roles?  Because Fusion is free I think. Hitfilm pro isnt. But if hitfilm pro is more for my needs I'd still want to use that.  I have experience with Hitfilm express, so learning pro features would be easier than learning fusion (cuz the whole layer based v node I think).

And editors. Is the main thing just more efficient workflows? Theres lots of "why I switched to davinci" etc stuff out there. To my knowledge Vegas editor is better than Hitfilm's but I haven't done editing outside my own bad gaming projects and stuff so I dont have enough experience to know what makes one better than another. Premiere pro's felt really good, I just don't want to pay monthly, adds up. Especially if I'm not making a ton doing editing. But I'm fairly sure you arnt supposed to be doing any effects in your editor.

I'm not making the next transformers movie so I dont need loads of super over the top effects and stuff. But Things I'd need to be able to do are basic stuff like color correction, audio, green screen effects, text, maybe cool 3d text intros, motion tracking. Etc. I want to be able to do effects like this I dont think its overly complex . Would I even need hitfilm pro for stuff like this or would I just be fine with express?


Thanks for any info. you can also link threads on this kind of info that will make sense to me haha.


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    You can do all that and much, much more in Hf Express and Pro. :)

    For a specific tutorial, you can ask around the forums as there are several ways to do the same thing.

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    Audio is complicated (and I'm new to it ), but audio is not Hitfilm's strong point.

    As to the others, these should get you started.

    Note: This can all be done in Express

    Color grading:

     Green screen:


    Older text tutorial:


    Text and motion tracking:

    Motion tracking:



  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    Oh, and this one.

    Note: Some of these affects will require Pro or add-ons for Express.


    How to make videos look great 


  • airsoftwarrior345
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    Hey guys thanks for all the good tips.  I do like Hitfilm so I'd only want to ditch it if there was some special reasons on why I'd want to use fusion instead. But sofar it seems like I should stick with hitfilm. 

    A thing I've been wondering is if I'm using Vegas as my editor and Hitfilm for effects and stuff (I think thats what a lot of people do?) how much should I be doing in each program. This might just come down to experience in knowing which program is good at what. But like vegas has text features and some basic animations and effects and stuff but Hitfilm has all that and a lot more. And is probobly better at them.  But there must be some benefits otherwise nobody would use Vegas as the editor instead of hitfilm.

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    As an NLE, Vegas is more robust than HitFilm. Not that HitFilm doesn't have a solid NLE, but it doesn't yet have a lot of the organizational features and some of the more critical features (interchange format support) that professional NLEs have. And still no support for raw footage, which is a bummer....

    As a compositor, HitFilm is quite a powerhouse; you can do a lot with it. More than the Adobe subscribers will be willing to admit ;)  Fusion allows you go quite a bit farther, which is largely because of its node based nature, but the tradeoff is a significantly steeper learning curve. 

    Also check out Blender, it has a very impressive compositing module... also node based, and astonishingly powerful.


  • tonyb2019
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    Hey guys thanks for all the good tips. As a compositor, HitFilm is quite a powerhouse; you can do a lot with it. More than the Adobe subscribers will be willing to admit

  • Hictor
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    I should also note that everyone here forgot to mention that Vegas Pro actually pairs pretty well with HItfilm.

    You'll get an option that says "Add Effect in Hitfilm" if you have both softwares installed properly. 

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    Needless to say that Vegas and Premiere Pro are NOT FREE softwares, as opposed to hitfilm Express (not the Pro version).


    So beginning with editing, I'd recommand Hitfilm Express, which has tons of tutorial videos for it all over the place.

    Then you will start with compositing, proly doing both fitting your needs.


    The drawback for me being the annoying way of working with texts, making it mandatory to go through compositing, and mate, and so on. Very counterintuitive comparing to Resolve or Premiere or even other free NLE such as VSDC.


    But I Love it for all of its free abilities, VFX and community included ^^.


    Have a good day

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    @cinefou although your comment is very helpful, this thread is quite old and I imagine no longer useful to OP anymore. I'm going to close this thread for now.

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