Feature Request: Transform Options for Grouped Layers

Hictor Posts: 380 Enthusiast

I find it a bit odd that I can't move or scale  grouped layers . Not that it would ruins my workflow but I fail to see why this isn't an option.



  • SamuelMorris
    SamuelMorris Staff Posts: 91 Staff

    Hi @Hictor, you can currently move groups around with the mouse by selecting the group layer in the list which will draw a boundary around the layers in the viewer and they can then be dragged around.

    You can do the same with non grouped layers as well, just by selecting multiple of them in the layer list or in the viewer by using Ctrl and mouse click.

    You don't currently get full transform controls for this, such as scale or rotation, or more precise translation controls, but this is something we want to add in the future.