PSA external Hard Drives

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Up until recently I had 5 WD my books attached to my computer.  Amazon currently has WD MyBook 10TB for $209.99 (USA).  I purchased two (one live one off line for monthly backup back up) and eliminated all the five of the other my books.  For other backing up, I back up my on board data drive to a off line drive in a cradle and clone the c: drive monthly to the other drive in the cradle.


  • tddavis
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    @BobDiMarzio Sounds like a solid plan and good price, and one that I really need to invest in, but I still so scared of trusting large drives with all my data.   I know the monthly backup to a seldom used drive should negate issues but I have severe trust issues anymore :)

  • BobDiMarzio
    BobDiMarzio Posts: 630 Just Starting Out

    @tddavis ; I understand your trepidation.  I have been using a 8 TB MY book as a monthly backup for a bit over a year with 0 problems.  The drive is connected and powered up on the first of the month for BU and then disconnected.  Sifting through the five satellite drives to see what has been changed etc as well as the wiring and heat nightmare has always been a challenge. I replace my drives when the warranty is up "recommended by a corp IT director"  So I have been fortunate  concerning failures.