Ok has anyone attempted to make some sort of puppet system in HF2 for Mac? I have a little concept that I have been playing with where it would really lend it's self well to a 3d type environment but don't need to go as far as C4D or something but the 3d interface in after effects just sucks. The after effects approach would be either a crazy complex plugin which I haven't seen created yet, or you have comps upon precomps upon precomps with heavy coding and whatnot, again not excited well in a sort of 3d environment. The idea would be a 2 and 1/2 D puppet. More or less a group of images or cards linked and movable in some sort of IK chain, it doesn't have to be in full rendered 3d. The style would be similar to the kids shows "wonder pets" and "super why" if you have seen those. Any thoughts?


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    Yeah, I haven't done this yet, but there's no reason you can't do a puppet rig in Hitfilm. You'll have to make a point array--a center point for base positions, shoulder, hips, neck points parented to the center point, knees and elbows parented to hips and shoulder, etc--and you'll have to adjust the anchor points of each segment to line up with the points...

    It's doable, but it's not Hitfilm's strength.