What version of PFhoe ?

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I'm looking into getting PFhoe to use with HitFilm and another program I use. Will the standard 2.2 version be good enough to work with HitFilm or will I need the Pro version? 2.2 will be good enough for the other program and if that will work I'd rather save some money now and upgrade later.




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    Where are you even finding PFHoe? That software was discontinued in 2012.

    It's hard to find the differences between the Standard and Pro version as the official websites for PFHoe no longer exist. If PFHoe standard 2.2 Exports for Maya (.ma file) then you're good. Otherwise, it won't work.

    PFHoe Users were pushed to PFMatchIt. PFMatchIt was discontinued in 2015. The only current Pixel Farm tracker is PFTrack and I guarantee it's out of your budget (Over $2000!).

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