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Hi there! I've been using Imerge almost every other day for the past 2 months because it's great for a long term project I'm working on and after using it that often I thought of a few things that could make user's lives easier.

1.- Color matching backgrounds - This is available when using the Chroma Key tool, yes, and it's very good but sometimes I already have a clean cutout and I just want to make it match the background and using the Chroma key tool I have to manually turn off everything else I don't need (Despill etc). How about making the color matching feature into its own effect just like you did with Light Wrap? You could also make it so it can match not only the background color but any other layer we want or any reference picture. There could be an option to match not only the color but also the white balance. Please?

2.- A filter gallery - Think Instagram. Sometimes after I finish compositing I export my image to photoshop to use one of the filters/fx because it feels like Imerge is lacking a bit in that area. The thing is, I dont want to use photoshop, I want to use Imerge. I could use the Tone Coloring effect, yes, but having filters available that I can further adjust would be a nice feature!

3.- Brush for masking - I'm aware this has been requested before so just a reminder that we really want it :) While I have your attention on this topic, it would be nice to be able to paint with said brush on any layer although using Imerge to pretend I'm Bob Ross might be outside the scope of the program...

4.- Compatibility with Ignite Pro - PLEASE! Imerge has sooo much potential and Ignite has a lot of really cool stuff. It would make sense that they were compatible but I have no idea if this is even possible.  I just mean using some of the plugins like color correction/grading, stylizing, warping, matte enhancing etc. I know some of them apply only to video but others could be great for photo too.

5.- Matte adjustments - Imerge is great at keying but I would like to have more options than feather and smooth when using the Chroma Key, like contract/expand the matte.

That's all I have for now. I'll be back with more. Cheers and thanks for what you've delivered so far, it's really a great program!



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    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for you great feedback. It's great to hear that you are enjoying using Imerge.

    Your feedback concerning Color matching backgrounds, Brush for masking and Matte adjustments we will take on board, as (like you said) some of these we are already thinking about and you may see in future updates.

    With regards to "A filter gallery", in our next major version we are introducing custom presets. These allow the user save effect properties, stacks of effects and much more. In addition to this we are shipping some presets to get you started which evoke some filter like results such as "Film Grain" and "Sunset Glow", which can then further adjust. We are always looking to iterate and improve Imerge so if this is not exactly what you had in mind or you feel this could be improved, your feedback is always welcome.

    With regards to compatibility with Ignite Pro. The underlying technology used in Imerge is quite different to what is used in Ignite and HitFilm. Therefore it is difficult to use these products plugins directly. However, we are always looking to create Imerge versions of effects found in HitFilm and Ignite, so if there are any specific effects you feel are missing from Imerge please let us know so we can consider them too.

    Thanks Again


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    Concrete solutions and good post given here, thanks for learning in this season of confinement

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